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The Villages & Leesburg Day Bus Trips & Cruise Deals

Day Bus Trips with Carol's Trips

The Villages and Leesburg Day Bus Trips & Cruise Deals

I love planning Leesburg Day Bus Trips and finding cruise deals for my neighbors in The Villages & Leesburg areas. One of the reasons I am in the travel business is to help people find a really good deal and for the client to have the best time they can have at a price that fits their budget. Sometimes the plans fall right into place, while other times…well let’s just say it is a little more difficult.  Not because of the location but the problem might be with availability or pricing. 

Bus trips have similar issues; pricing, availability, location and not enough excitement.  That is why we at Carol’s Trips are always looking for something different to do.  We, as human beings, get bored doing the same thing all the time, year after year. For a current list of our Day Trips click here:

How Do We Decide Our Leesburg Day Bus Trips? 

So you might be wondering where we come up with the ideas for our day bus trips!  Many of you will call or e-mail me and suggest a certain museum, venue or show, which is absolutely wonderful.  Many times it is something or somewhere I have never heard of.  Of course, I have to do some research on the web and many times I actually check the suggestion out in person.  In fact, the past few weeks we have been scoping the area out to see where or what can we do next.

Recently one lady sent me a request to look into the Orlando Eye.  Now I have lived in Florida for over 10 years and had no idea what she was talking about.  So I got on my computer to check it out and to my amazement, the Orlando Eye is that huge Ferris Wheel on International Drive in Orlando.  Did you know that?  I did a little detective work and found out that there are plenty of restaurants in the area but not a lot of shopping.  But still…this sounds really neat.  So probably in the very near future we will put a bus trip together, so stay tuned.

As many of you know my Consignment Shopping Sprees are a real hit with the ladies, but how many times can we keep going to the same shops.  As I’m writing this article, my associate and I are checking out new shops east of The Villages; Mt. Dora, Altamonte Springs, etc.  But the real challenge will be to find a really good/neat restaurant to have lunch at.  Any suggestions?

Finding Cruise Deals 

Cruises are another issue because again, how many times do you want to do the Caribbean!  Not that we don’t like the Caribbean but…So in October, 2017 we put together a 7 night California Coastal Cruise, round trip from San Francisco; in 2018 we are looking into a British Isles Cruise and both cruises will be on Princess Cruise Lines.  Bonus: if you were in the military, you will receive an On Board Ship credit from Princess Cruise Lines.  How cool is that!

Thinking “outside the box”, we have started to add some “specialty” cruises.  A great entertainer by the name of Alan Darcy (you may have heard of him) is going to perform on Royal Caribbean’s Rhapsody of the Seas in February, 2018.  Alan is going to be performing two private shows and only his fans will be able to attend.  Of course we will be having many more “goodies” on this cruise.

Keeping with tradition, if you want to take that “bucket list” vacation and have no idea where to start, I can certainly help you out.  Just give me a buzz!

Like we say at Carol’s Trips ~ It’s Time To Go!





Leesburg Travel Agent – Carol Cane

Leesburg Travel Agent Carol's Trips

Hi, Welcome To Carol’s Trips!

Leesburg Travel Agent, Carol Cane of Carol’s Trips has more than 25 years experience in the travel industry~

Travel has always been a passion for my husband Tom and me. Back in 1987, we decided to team up with an agency in the Philadelphia area and work on a part-time basis, Our first group cruise was leaving from Philadelphia and sailing over to Bermuda. At that point, we caught the “cruise bug” and decided to be a little more serious about the business. Disney World was our #1 land destination and Celebrity was our #1 cruise line. In 2004 Tom retired from the PA Dept. of Corrections and we moved to sunny Florida. Hurricane Jeanne welcomed us to Florida.

Becoming a Florida Travel Agent 

Living in Florida changed our lives as well as our business, bus Trips became a big part of the requests we were receiving. Residing in the Leesburg area gave us access to two great performing art centers; Tampa and Orlando, and of course casinos are another favorite destination.

With over 25 years of experience we decided to venture out on our own and as a result, Carol’s Trips was established. Customer Service is our #1 priority next to planning your dream vacation, group excursion, honeymoon or a destination that might be on your “bucket list”. Where ever you want to go, we would be honored to fulfill your vision.

We are always posting new cruise promotions and day bus trips for The Villages and Leesburg areas. Be sure to check our website weekly for new updates, and follow us on Facebook to see our latest trip photos. You can also click “subscribe” on the event tab on our Facebook page to receive a notification each time we post a new cruise deal & day bus trip. Here is the link to subscribe now:

As we say at Carol’s Trips – “It’s Time To Go”!

Leesburg Travel Agent – Carol’s Trips

February, 2017, Travel Tip

When should I arrive at the airport?

Always check before leaving for the airport, to see if your flight is delayed or possibly canceled.  Delayed and canceled flights lead to longer lines and you may need to arrive even earlier so as not to miss your flight or an alternate flight if required.

January, 2017, Travel Tip

Hotel Safety and Security ~ Part Two

Your temporary home, while on vacation, are usually hotels/motels and sometimes it can be scary.  Here are a few tips that you should try to follow to make your stay more comfortable.


1.  Do not leave your room key or any valuables unattended in the pool area.

2.  Be wary of unsolicited business flyers left at your hotel door.

3.  Keep local and state maps in your vehicle.

4.  Ask hotel personnel for directions to your destination.

5.  Give kids a hotel business card to help them remember the name, address and telephone number of the hotel.

6.  Always travel in pairs or groups.

7.  Use the sidewalks and pedestrian crossings.

8. Report suspicious activity to hotel management or call 922.


December, 2016 Travel Tip

Hotel Safety and Security

Your temporary home, while on vacation, are usually hotels/motels and sometimes it can be scary.  Here are a few tips that you should try to follow to make your stay more comfortable.


1.  Always be aware of your surroundings.

2.  Park in a well-lighted area.

3.  Always lock your vehicle and never leave valuables inside your car.

4.  Stay with your luggage until check-in.

5.  Always lock your room door using the deadbolt lock.

6.  Secure your sliding glass doors or connecting room door with all security devices provided by the hotel.

7.  Place all valuables in the room safe or hotel safety deposit box at the front desk.

8.  Review the floor plan on the back of your room door and familiarize yourself with the Fire and Emergency exits.


November, 2016 Travel Tip

Should I book a cruise with a Travel Agent or directly with the cruise line or with a website?

Rule of thumb ~ it is recommended to book a cruise through a travel agent.  Large agencies have group bookings on hundreds of cruises; they can book you into these groups, not only scoring you lower cruise rates but also extra amenities.  These amenities can include on-board credits, free drinks, specialty dinning and/or spa credits.  Not only do you get these extra perks, but you have easy access to a travel professional who can answer all of your questions and will help you have the best cruise possible.