Another Fun Villages Day Trip!

Villages Day Trip with Carol's Trips

Are you looking for a fun day trip from The Villages? Do you like to cook? Then you have to read on!

Recently I took a small Villages Day Trip to Ocala for a cooking class.  OMG, talk about a great day, plus we all learned some new techniques.  As many of you know, I am always thinking outside the box and looking for new excursions to take you on.  So when one of my dear friends from Ocala told me about a new company called “Let’s Eat Fresh”, I had to try it! The company is owned by a mother and daughter team who love to cook.   Maria, who is originally from Italy and her daughter Rosaria put together a great menu and then it was my job to promote the class.  Oh, I forgot to mention, our class was in a “commissary kitchen” setting and not in a restaurant.

Both men and women were part of our first cooking class which consisted of 16 people.  Everyone was asked to bring their aprons and if they wanted, and they could also bring a bottle of wine and their wine glass.  Our menu was chicken parmesan, fettuccine with vodka sauce, knotted garlic rolls and cream puffs.  Talk about yummy! 

How Does a Villages Day Trip Work? 

Around 10 am everyone got on the bus in Brownwood. Our day began as we headed up to Ocala to learn some new tips & tricks in the kitchen.  There was excitement in the air and the conversations were all about food.  I wonder why?   

One of the first things the gang had to do was put a hair net on, including the guys, wash our hands and put on rubber gloves.  Then it was time to get serious and learn how to prepare this delicious lunch.  Rosaria and Maria had everything ready for us; items were measured out in small containers while Maria showed us how to prepare the pudding for the cream puffs.  Do you know how to prevent that “crust” on your pudding?  Do you know how to make fettuccine without using a pasta maker?  Did you know that cooking fresh pasta takes half the time to cook then the package pasta?  Plus it tastes so much better!  Ummmmm – these were a few of the secrets we were taught. 

After the chicken cooked, the rolls baked and everything else was ready, it was time to sit down and eat.  Yes everything we prepared we ate and there was so much food that we could have seconds.  Now you know why the class brought along a bottle of wine. 

Once everyone was done eating, then the group was able to purchase items to take home.  My husband and I took home some stuffed cabbage and stuffed peppers along with a bag of special pasta flour.  Have we made our own pasta yet?  Not yet but very soon!

Let’s Eat Fresh is a commissary setting that rents out their kitchen to other small caterers for their upcoming events.  Another part of their business is to make fresh food to sell at Ocala’s farmer market every Wednesday.  Everything this mother and daughter team makes uses 100% fresh ingredients, hence the name Let’s Eat Fresh. 

If you group would like to take a day trip and live in the Villages or Leesburg area, please give me a call.  The maximum class size would be 20 and the minimum would be 16.  Trust me, you will have a great time learning, cooking and eating. Check out our gallery at

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