Day Bus Trips Earlier This Year

Day Bus Trips With Carol's Trips

Going on day bus trips is always a lot of fun, but even more so when it is somewhere you have never been.  Maybe the trip will take you to somewhere that you have read about or someone told you about.  Well, earlier this year that is exactly what happened to several folks from our area; one group went to the Orlando Museum of Art and another group went to a small town called Ono. 

Every major city has a museum of art but the museum in Orlando is very unique.  Why?  Because every year their main exhibit during the Holiday Season is their “Festival of Trees” and what an event this is.

Pamela Webb, the President of Council of 101 was very excited because they were celebrating 30 years of the Festival of Trees, The Art of the Holidays.  A group of nearly 300 volunteers share their time, talents and gifts to bring Central Florida the season’s opening holiday event. 

This Was Such a Fun Day Bus Trip!

This was such a fun day bus trip! As we walked into the main entrance of the museum, each of us was given a raffle ticket and then entered a small theatre where over 100 gift bags were given out.  Several of ladies from the group actually won one of these special door prizes.

One could hear Christmas Music being played on a Baby Grand Piano as they were admiring the exhibits.  Every room, every nook and cranny had displays of Christmas Decorations; large and small Christmas Trees, Wreaths, Gingerbread House and so much more.  Every object was decorated beautifully, some more distinctive than others, but still breathtaking.  There was even a gift shop where you could purchase items that you saw on display.   

The only downside of this trip was that I didn’t allow enough time to really enjoy the displays.  When Irene Tuchscherer (The Village of Liberty Park) and I were putting this trip together, we didn’t realize how large the exhibit was and that you really needed a full day to take it all in.  But on a positive side, after we left the museum, John our bus driver, took us to the Christmas Tree Shop in Altamonte Springs and the ladies did some serious spending.  The bus was full of packages.

Later that same week, another group of people took a day bust trip down to Solomon’s Castle.  Again, this is another place that you really have to spend the entire day at, because there is so much to see. 

Solomon’s Castle is a hidden gem hidden among Florida’s rural landscape but is also the home, gallery, workshop and museum to artist and sculptor Howard Solomon.  Mr. Solomon designed and built his Castle out of aluminum printing sheets and other forms of materials.  Stain glass windows were everywhere.  There is a Yellow Brick Road that is not made of bricks, but a unique use of a sponge mop and yellow paint.  He also built a six (6) sided room to fit a chandelier and a one person elevator which goes to the second floor to the “Master Boudoir”.

Everyone on the trip concluded that Howard Solomon never slept because his mind and hands were always creating.  The castle and his art are a true testament of his genius as an artist.

The “Boat in the Moat” which doesn’t float, again was built by Howard.  His daughter and son-in-law run the restaurant and the portions are large, delicious and very filling.

In the past, when a guest would come to visit, your tour guide would have been Mr. Solomon himself. Unfortunately, Howard passed away in August of 2016.  Janet, my associate, had the privilege of speaking with him only weeks before, while planning this bus excursion and they were both really excited about our visit. Rest in Peace Mr. Howard Solomon.  You have made many, many people happy.

At Carol’s Trips, we’re always planning and looking for fun day trips to take on our bus excursions. We hope you’ll join us for a trip soon, because like we say at Carol’s Trips ~ It’s Time To Go!